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Hand winch type WE

Code: 936308
Brand: P TEAM
Hand rope winch type WE, suitable for industrial use. Two types are avalible with varying load capacities, up to 300 kg or up to 500 kg. The product is wall mounted. For further technical details, please refer to the table in the detailed product description. Stainless steel products have a better resistance and will remain rust free for much longer. Aditionally, they are the most long lasting.
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Material: stainless steel
Mounting method: on the wall
Availability: 10 do 14 dni
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The store offers hand winches from a variety of materials, designed to fulfill your diverse requirements. This product is stainless steel. Additionally, the store offers zinc plated or powder coated products. Zinc plating offers protection against elements that may cause accelerated corrosion or deterioration to the product. Powder coating offers superior protection against UV rays and physical damage. Installation and maintenance instructions are included with delivery.

  • Warranty: 1 year

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The table presents technical characteristics of hand rope winch type WE.

Technical data


WE 300

WE 500


300 kg

500 kg

wire rope Ø

4 mm

5 mm

rope capacity max.

29 m

22 m

cable drum Ø

60 mm

60 mm

crank force

160 N

200 N

lift / crank turn

64 mm

46 mm

gear ratio




5 kg

5 kg

Art. No. Stainless steel winch