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Download PDF catalogue.
(PDF: 27 MB)


We have released a new catalog, which presents our new products and supplements your ideas in developing and designing new products and services.

Published a new instructions which correspond to the new directive.
Lifting slings
(PDF: 1,34 MB)
Roud slings, lifting slings with loops, rings and hooks.
Transport nets
(PDF: 1,06 MB)
For helicopters or lifts. Special purpose nets for vehicle transportation.
Lifting slings for single use
(PDF: 0,24 MB)
Conection links for slings
(PDF: 0,62 MB)
Shackles, hooks and swivel links for lifting slings use.
Lashings and Fixing nets
(PDF: 19,82 MB)
Lashings for fixing cargo and cars, fixing and covering nets.
Pulling webbings and ropes
(PDF: 0,67 MB)
Sintetic ropes
(PDF: 0,31 MB)

Lifting chains - grade 80
(PDF: 2,95 MB)
Chains, eye hooks, shortening hooks, container hooks.

Lifting chains - grade 100
(PDF: 2,28 MB)
Chains, eye hooks, shortening hooks, container hooks.
Lifting chains - stainless steel grade 50
(PDF: 1,99 MB)
Chains, eye hooks.
Steel wire ropes
(PDF: 0,86 MB)
One or multi-legged wire ropes, wire ropes with a slide hook, grommet sings.
Log chains
(PDF: 0,96 MB)
Round and square chains, pulley blocks.
Lashing chains
(PDF: 2,08 MB)
Turnbuckles and Wire rope fitings
(PDF: 0,42 MB)
Wire rope clips, thimbles, rope tension clips.
(PDF: 0,38 MB)
Highly resistant shackles, omega shackles.
Lifting points
(PDF: 1,61 MB)
Eye bolts, eye nuts, weld on lifting points.
Chain hoists and Cable pullers
(PDF: 1,40 MB)
Manual or electrical driven. Carts for I profile in manual or electrical versions.
Rope winches
(PDF: 0,77 MB)
Crane weighters
(PDF: 0,77 MB)
Coil hooks
(PDF: 0,35 MB)
For transport and turning coil hooks.
Vacuum clamps
(PDF: 0,69 MB)
For transport, turning and in assembly.
Forklift beam
(PDF: 0,22 MB)
Cable drums manipulation
(PDF: 1,02 MB)
Barrel clamps
(PDF: 0,19 MB)
For plastic and steel design.
Steel clamps and Magnets
(PDF: 0,54 MB)
For horizontal and vertical transport of sheet metal, clamps for polished sheet metal, grabs for profiles.
Concrete clamps
(PDF: 0,21 MB)
Pipes, curbs, rocks, supports, pillars, shafts and concrete fences.
Wood clamps
(PDF: 0,15 MB)
Container manipulation
(PDF: 1,02 MB)
Lifting points, container wheels, suporting and lifting legs.

Hydraulic equipment and Jacks
(PDF: 1,09 MB)
Cylinders, hosees, hand, air and electrical pumps, rack jacks.

(PDF: 0,47 MB)
Portal crane, moveable gantry crane, overhead crane.

Lifting beams
(PDF: 0,48 MB)
Fall arrest system and Safety nets
(PDF: 0,77 MB)
Harnesses, karabiners, protection ropes, ascenders, pulleyes.



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